Freshy 2.0 available this weekend !

Hey, what a surprise ! Freshy was such a big success, and feedback was so important, i decided to release a 2.0 version of Freshy (instead of a new theme, reported to... later ;) ). I tried to take everyone's remarks into account, being able to use 2 or 3 columns, changing the width of the layout, support a lot of plugins, and a loooooot of great improvements.

For the first time, the theme will be customizable thanks to the framework i talked about a few days ago. This mini-framework will be released at the same time. It helps designers to really simply provide customization options for their themes. Even a 10 year old boy could make his theme customizable with this, the only thing to do is to create a separate css file with some comments, and magically, a customization form will be added to the admin panel (and what a form ! a rich and advanced form).

I hope this new version will have at least the same success as the 1.0 version ! It deserves it, i think ;)

A few time after, i'll also release YammYamm 2.0, finally. It's ready, but a few adjustements are necessary. I have to make sure everything works fine with PHP 4 before.

Here is a preview of Freshy 2.0 :

See you this weekend !