I just released Clamp, a command line tool to make starting a full Apache, PHP, MySQL stack up and running a breeze. Go to your project folder, type "clamp" and you're good to go !

But... Why ?

For local development, you had these options, all of which have their downsides :

  • MAMP
    • Installs another Apache and PHP on your system
    • File structure is a bit messy
    • You still have to manually create hosts
    • It's difficult to have different configurations for each project
  • Vagrant
    • It's big
    • Adds a layer of complexity
    • Since it's a VM, it's slow
  • PHP internal server
    • Does not run MySQL
    • No Apache here, so no extensions etc.
    • And of course still no hosts

I've tried all these options, but none gave me what I really needed, something as simple as running node.js or meteor : type something at the command line and get it running !

I ranted about that on twitter :

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