"Le Moteur De Recherche", a website to promote a documentary of the french television program canal plus called Made in France, has just been released.

It is a fun search engine which allows you to enter a query and get its french "equivalent". For example "Quentin Tarantino" gives "Michel Audiard" - with multimédia assets and a page of results.

I was in charge of the development with Anthony Pigeot, and the project was driven by Bigger Than Fiction.

Technically, we used node js with express and mongo db on the server, bootstrap, less, jade, javascript on the client side, and made some scrapping to grab images and descriptions.

Try it, it's fun !

I had to replace words in a text while keeping the capitalization in Javascript.

Given the text :
"It is a good burger. Or an hamburger. Burger is good".

With the replacement word "sandwich", it should become :
"It is a good sandwich. Or an hamburger. Sandwich is good".

It has 2 challenges :

  • Match only real words, e.g. match "burger", but not "hamburger"
  • Keep the capitalization of the word, e.g. "Burger" should become "Sandwich"

For the first one, we should use lookahead and lookbehind features of regular expressions, but unfortunately, in javascript there is no lookbehind, so we have to capture that part and return it with the result.

So here we go :
var replace = function(text, r, v) {
return text.replace(new RegExp('([^a-z])('+r+')|(^'+r+')(?=[^a-z]?)', "gi"), function(match, p1, p2, p3, offset, string) {
p1 = p1 || '';
p2 = p2 || p3;
if (p2[0].toUpperCase() == p2[0]) {
// Assume its all caps.
if (p2[1].toUpperCase() == p2[1]) {
v = v.toUpperCase();
// Assume its capitalized.
else {
v = v[0].toUpperCase() + v.slice(1);

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