With my partners, we have created Likwid, a web agency specialized in Drupal, a very powerful and modular CMS. Stay Tuned !

Freshy theme and Customize plugijns have been updated. Grab them here.

I have corrected the theme and the plugin to be compatible with Wordpress 2.6. Go to the download page to download the updated version.

I will fix other issues later, but this one seemed urgent ;)

Enjoy !

After a long and quiet time on this site, a long period with a half working preview release, here it is : the final version of the Freshy 2 theme !

Edit : final version is here ! Freshy 2 final

The customize plugin has been updated and now works with PHP4. The theme has also been updated and some bugs corrected. Redownload the files to get the new versions. This version remains anyway marked as "preview" until your great testing is over ;) (thanks guys & girls !) Then the release will finally come out !

You must download, install and activate customize to be able to... customize the theme.

Hey, what a surprise ! Freshy was such a big success, and feedback was so important, i decided to release a 2.0 version of Freshy (instead of a new theme, reported to... later ;) ). I tried to take everyone's remarks into account, being able to use 2 or 3 columns, changing the width of the layout, support a lot of plugins, and a loooooot of great improvements.

For the first time, the theme will be customizable thanks to the framework i talked about a few days ago. This mini-framework will be released at the same time. It helps designers to really simply provide customization options for their themes. Even a 10 year old boy could make his theme customizable with this, the only thing to do is to create a separate css file with some comments, and magically, a customization form will be added to the admin panel (and what a form ! a rich and advanced form).

I hope this new version will have at least the same success as the 1.0 version ! It deserves it, i think ;)

A few time after, i'll also release YammYamm 2.0, finally. It's ready, but a few adjustements are necessary.

It's a while now since i wrote my last post. I am quite busy right now, but i have some nice things coming :

  • YammYamm plugin 2.0 for wordpress Fully rewritten, it will become the top multingual plugin for wordpress, i'm quite sure about that ;)
  • A framework for wordpress themes It will help theme designers to offer easy customization of their themes. You can't even imagine how good this will be.
  • My new theme It will be fresher than freshy, with more customizations !

Most of these are almost complete, i need some time to finalize and release them, stay tuned !

Wordpress 2.1 is here ! The way links are handled has changed, so i had to rewrite the sidebar links section. Thanks to poell and Lazyllama for their help !

I also added some missing words in the french translation file and added support for 3 languages sent to me by users :

  • Spanish (by Jonathan Frez)
  • Hungarian (by Martha Csaba)
  • Turkish (by Murat Eray KORKMAZ)

Freshy theme for wordpress

Here it is ! The new website of clever-age !

I created the graphical design.

Visit the site.

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