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Finally !
It is more than 2 years now that i am involved with Drupal and my Wordpress site was dying. After creating Likwid, a web agency specialized in Drupal, I could not find time to make a new version of my site.
Since the site literally exploded, i had to rush and quickly finish the work I started... over a year ago.
Wordpress fans may be a little disappointed since I probably won't do any Wordpress related work anymore. But when I'll have some more time, I'll release the site theme to the Drupal community.
That's a new start and I will post again on this site.
See you soon !

This site has been really quiet recently. I have been busy with my work and did not have time for Freshy. But I have some news for you !

Freshy 2.1 is almost ready, it will be compatible with wordpress 2.7, numerous bugs have been corrected et some features have been dropped since it was becoming hard to maintain. I know some of you have been waiting a long time for such news, thanks for having been so patient.

My site will be totally redesigned. I will swicth to Drupal, with a whole new theme that will be released on this site too. I am focusing on Drupal now, and will release themes and modules. This is also the occasion to post again.

Stay tuned !

It's a while now since i wrote my last post. I am quite busy right now, but i have some nice things coming :

  • YammYamm plugin 2.0 for wordpress Fully rewritten, it will become the top multingual plugin for wordpress, i'm quite sure about that ;)
  • A framework for wordpress themes It will help theme designers to offer easy customization of their themes. You can't even imagine how good this will be.
  • My new theme It will be fresher than freshy, with more customizations !

Most of these are almost complete, i need some time to finalize and release them, stay tuned !

Finally it is here ! I changed my website especially for you, english speaking visitors ! Hope you'll enjoy it ;)

The english content will be more consistent soon, so come back soon !

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